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General Questions

What is Nanotechnology?

nano|tech¦nol¦ogy : pronounced nanotechnology is the branch of technology that deals with dimensions and tolerances of less than 100 nanometres, especially the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules. In short, it’s invisible to the naked eye! Tiny engineering of materials, liquids and solids formed in a structural pattern like a honeycomb fashion. This engineering allows these molecules to form a grid over a surface, once bonded it protects the surface from water, abrasions and scratches amongst other properties

How does it work?

Shark Proof uses this engineering of nanotechnology and by manipulating the atomic structures we have created a glass surface which bonds with your existing glass surface to create a screen protector, it works exactly how your traditional screen protector would work

Is it harmful to my device?

No, and that’s the beauty of it, Shark Proof liquid screen protector has been designed, tested, and retested to ensure that it does not have any negative impact on your device. It is designed only to protect your device

Can I take it off?

Interesting question – why would you? Once applied it is designed to protect your device, you won’t know its there. But if you are adamant on wanting to remove something invisible that you can easily do so by cleansing the screen using ethanol based cleaning alcohols, contact us for directions and instructions.

Can I use it all over the phone?

Yes, Shark Proof is designed to specifically bond with the glass surface, on all other surface contact is will evaporate. We have designed our formulation specifically so that you can worry and hassle free use it on your device as often you will have a camera on the reverse and front top. When you buff the screen after applying the Nano Applicator be sure to wipe clearn the non glass areas.

Will Shark Proof make the metal areas scratch resistant?

No, Shark Proof is designed specifically to bond with the glass surface of your screen, not the plastic / rubber or metal areas.

Does Shark Proof make my device anti bacterial?

Yes, this is a two part process. Firstly when applying the Cleaner / Primer to the device you are actually killing off any existing bacteria, germs and wiping away grease, oil from your fingers and hands as well as any other unwanted residue which is often not visible to the naked eye. When applying the Nano Applicator, your glass area of your device is now being coated by a thin layer of glass which bonds in a way not to allow germs and bacteria to harvest on the device. Your smart cleaner sticker which is provided within your pack should then be used for continuous cleaning.

What will make the nanotechnology layer come off?

Shark Proof is durable against most things, however, if you are excessively exposing to liquids / splashes or cleaning with Alcohol based cleaning cloths then over time the nanotechnology Shark Proof layer will slowly wear off. We recommend you re apply coating after every 13-14 months depending on your usage.

My screen is cracked, can I still use Shark Proof?

No, it is not advisable to put any liquid screen protector onto a cracked screen. It is always advised to replace your screen first and then apply Shark Proof, your already cracked screen will further weaken and deteriorate.

Can I use Shark Proof on my Car Sat Nav?

Yes, many customers around the world are already using Shark Proof to protect their in car or external Satellite Navigation systems, whatever the make or model, the best practice would be is to apply before going to sleep with the car, heaters and air con switched off. By the time you are ready to drive again in the morning your Sat Nav will be protected and ready.

I have a smart phone, can I coat my watch at the same time?

Yes, IF your smart phone is under 10″ screen size which it most probably will be, then at the same time of coating your phone not after, but whilst the nano applicator and cleaner are being applied you can coat your watch at the same time.

How to apply

Why do I need a Cleaner / Primer?

The first Sachet, marked 1 is a cleaning fluid mixture and primer in one, it not only cleans your device and removes dirt, grease and germs which maybe on your screen but it also preps your surface so that nano applicator can bond with the glass and stick to the surface. It is very much like a primer you would use on your walls – but invisible and completely safe for your device, it also eradicates 99% of the germs on your device, so it’s actually good for it!

What does the Nano Applicator do?

This is our secret recipe formulation and is the actual screen protector on a wipe, apply evenly across your device we prefer you apply in a up / down and then side to side to ensure that your device is fully covered. The applicator is self balancing, so don’t worry it will even itself out for you.

What’s the cloth for?

After you have applied the nano applicator you may have applied too much to certain areas, the cloth is provided so that you can buff down and remove any smear marks

What is the Sticker Cleaner Card?

That’s our special gift to you, after you have applied the nano applicator and are using your phone, no doubt every now and then you’ll need to clean your device. So instead of rubbing your phone against your sleeve or a cloth you’ll have a sticker cleaner. This sticker fits to the reverse of your device and whenever you do wish to clean your screen or phone simply peel off, and printed side faced down (sticky side still to your fingers) clean your screen and when your done fix back

Where can i apply the nano applicator?

The product is designed to work best with your glass surface but can be applied all over. It will not work as effectively to the non glass surface as it is designed to bond with the glass.

How to apply shark proof on your device?

Clean down device screen with cloth provided
Apply sachet 1: Cleaner / Primer onto device until wipe is dry
Using wipe from sachet 1, apply all over screen surface until wipe is dry
Wait a few minutes, and then apply wipe from sachet 2, Nano Applicator evenly across all screen, apply until wipe is dry
Wait 15 minutes, and using the microfiber cloth buff the screen until smear marks are gone
Peel sticker from card, clean screen as and when desired and fix back to the reverse of your device


How long will it last?

The applicator is designed to last up to 2 years depending on your usage, however we recommend that you apply a re-coat after a year to 13 months.

How many devices can one pack coat?

One pack is designed for one device up to 10.1” screen size, your average phone will have a 5 – 6” device screen, and a small tablet would be around 9 – 10”, we do not recommend you try and coat 2 seperate devices as it may not generate the desired result

When is the best time to apply the coating?

The best time is when you are least likely to use the device, perhaps before going to sleep, this will give the coating enough time to bond with the glass surface so by the time you are up – you can continue to use as normal

Does it make my device waterproof?

No, not waterproof – do not be taken in by claims that your device can be completely immersed into liquids, as some nanotechnology providers do. It is a complex process in which your device both internally and externally needs to be coated in a vacuum type format to be able to achieve the result. Nanotechnology will however make your device splash resistant which means if there are minimal accidental spills onto your surface then the nanotechnology because the pores between the molecules are so small they will not allow the water to pass through, therefore will repel the water.

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